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Tentering & Heat-Treatment Machine
Fujian Baishide Machinery Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shishi Hongshan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.,, which was founded in 1987 and specialized in repair and renovation of dyeing and finishing machinery in textile industry), has been manufacturing “Hongshan”and “Knanaly”energy-saving and efficient  resin tentering &  heat-treatment machine since 2001 and has been granted  national invention patent. For years, we have always observed the tenet of “quality first, customer-respect and sincere service” and has been committed to the development and manufacturing of dyeing and finishing machinery in a tenacious spirit as creating artworks.  After persistent exploration and pursuit, we have integrated and optimized “software” and “hardware” resources to set up a perfect product quality management system and product service system. Our products are highly recognized by the industry. We insist on the concept of quality innovation to provide high-quality products and excellent service to our customers. As the globalization and diversification of economy, challenges and opportunities coexist. We will, as always, join hands with others in the industry to create a bright future. 

Main Function of Resin Tentering & Heat-Treatment Machine
It improves the stability of external shape and size of the fabric. After high-temperature drying and treatment, soiled threads in the fabric and uneven tension caused in production will be reduced or eliminated so as to prevent distortion of the fabric and ensure its evenness, flexibility and permanence. It is applied to general models of drying and thermal treatment machine. Adding with other optional parts, it can finish all kinds of fabrics.
 Purpose of Tentering & Heat-Treatment Machine  Technical Data
  Heat-setting of woven and knitted fabrics
  Finishing woven fabrics
  Finishing knitted fabrics
  Finishing woven and knitted fabrics
  Nominal Width:180cm-320cm
  Min. Working Width:750cm
  Number of Chambers Available4-12 
  Max. Chamber Temperature240℃
  Stenter Chains: Dalishen Chain

Fabric Infeed Combinations

Standard fabric infeed combinations consist of fabric infeed frame, expander, draw runner centering device, fabric infeed tension control device and padder. All these combinations are designed to meet the requirements of most kinds of fabric treatment process (one draw runner and one or two centering device may be matched at your option). 

Fabric Feeding Combinations

Fabric Feeding Combinations 
▶ It adopts German E+L original KR and FR edge tracing system and efficient vectorsynchronous frequency conversion motor so that fabric can be fed in the feeding area through the shortest route for an ideal feeding condition. The two independent brush wheels on the both sides enable the fabric to have synchronous knitting needles. 
▶ The overfeed adjusting range is (-20%~+80%). Overfeed amount of right and left side, independent adjustment of edge tension and air blowing device ensure that the fabric is fully expanded before being needled so as to meet the quality requirements of various fabrics. 

Oven area
Reference Date for Selecting Thermal Energy
熱能方式 Modes of Thermal Energy

Heat Transfer Oil

High Pressure Heat-Insulated Steam

Natural Gas
Electrical Heating
其他品牌的定型機導熱油 Other Brands of Heat Transfer Oil for HEAT-TREATMENT MACHINE
Energy Consumption
70-90萬大卡/10箱6-8分升到180度 250KG 280℃ 0.5~0.7m3/時 耗氣量8-10m /節.時 根據工藝而定 Subject to the process 120-150萬大卡/10箱40-50分升到190度]
Rated Power
235KW 235KW 250+3KW 250+60~100KW.m節 245KW
正常使用電流 Normal Working Voltage 110~130A/10節 80~100A/8節 110~130A/10節 80~100A/8節 110~140A/10節 80~100A/8節 150~170A/10節 120~140A/8節
最高工作溫度 Max. Working Temperature 240℃ 240℃(于進氣而定) 240℃(subject to air inlet) 240℃ 245℃ 220℃

Fabric Outlet Device

▶ Fabric outlet combined device consists of an independent controllable cooling device, an outlet unit, a plaiter, a folder and a tension balance device to meet the various production requirements of fabrics. 

▶ Cooling roller, winder, edge cutting device and steaming/humidifying device


Electric Apparatus

▶The transducer control system is used in all driving systems and blower fan.  
▶ The operation is controlled by the control panel or instrumental panel. It is easy to operate and control the machine by using the bottoms and rotary switches.
▶ All the electric instruments in the machine are original imported famous brands: Fuji, Omron, G-B, Schneider, Meilan, Selot, Siemens and LG/LS.
▶ The imbedded cooling air conditioner is neat to make sure the electric parts are always in the best working environment.

Optional Devices

Sketch of The Setting Machine

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